Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs to Help Stop Smoking

you CAN reverse the bad effects from smoking

you CAN reverse the bad effects from smoking

We treat patients who want to quit smoking, but only start treatment if they have a strong desire to quit- that’s #1. The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs makes quitting easier because the treatments are designed to calm the nervous system and treat the lung system.

One of the tools we have in our belt is a protocol of 5 points on the ear known as NADA, which stands for the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.

The NADA protocol is specifically used for addictions and mental health issues, including disaster and emotional trauma disorders. It was developed in 1985 by Michael Smith, an acupuncturist and MD at Lincoln Hospital, Bronx, NY, and has spread world-wide for its usefulness.

NADA gives immediate relief and like most acupuncture, has a lasting effect that is further strengthened with subsequent treatments.

Many of us have tried to break a habit at one time or other. It’s a solitary journey but help from outside influences can help speed things along. Our experience: take time and be patient with yourself. Take that space to make it possible to cross the threshold from having a habit to letting it go.

They say nature abhors a vacuum, so it won’t be too long before something better you can’t even imagine yet will take its place!

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