The Quest for Longevity

walk spritely like the pigeon!

Healthy Aging and Improved Longevity Leaving behind the bright years of youth and entering a quieter, more mature phase in life often prompts the question: How can I preserve my youth and extend my life? For answers to this question we might consult the teachings of Li Qing Yun. According to the 1933 obituary for […]

Qigong 101: Standing Posture

  There are many aspects to qi gong, and we are starting at the very beginning with the key points of standing correctly. Standing posture in qi gong emphasizes skeletal alignment as a way to work with gravity, instead of against it. Essentially standing correctly is an anti-aging strategy because the soft tissue surrounding the […]

Case Study: Neck Pain and Stiffness

A 54 year-old corporate lawyer, male, came in with neck pain that had come on gradually. The pain was a dull, constant ache and strong: he felt an 8-out-of-10 on the pain scale. With the pain came a decreased range of motion (ROM). Another symptom he experienced was numbness and tingling down his left arm to his fingers when […]

Late Summer Weather

The late summer coolness creeping in is unmistakeable, yet we often get caught unawares. When late August through early October brings quick drops in temperature, our bodies have to adapt. We have already been warming in the sun’s heat and cooling in air-conditioning all summer long, taxing the immune system. It’s not unusual for a patient we’ve been seeing […]

Exercise and Alzheimer’s

the Alzheimer's brain is on the left

Many people have been touched by Alzheimer’s through family or friends. Here’s a great article from the New York Times reviewing a Cleveland Clinic research study on exercise, Alzheimer-risk patients, and the e4 gene. People who carry the e4 gene and are at higher risk for Alzheimer’s based on family history may lower the risk with consistent exercise. […]