Relieving Neck Strain


The proper alignment of the head and neck is to have a slight lifting of the head off the spine. This creates space between the cervical vertebrae and relieves muscle tension instantaneously. Most of us have the bad habit of letting our heads fall back, with the chin lifted, or forward, in a slouched position. […]

Acupuncture and the Limbic System

fMRI of Limbic System sections, courtesy of the NIH

Previously we published an article on the Limbic System, describing its function and positing acupuncture’s effects on it. This month, we found a study that supports this idea: Effects of Electroacupuncture versus Manual Acupuncture on the Human Brain as Measured by fMRI, published in the academic journal Human Brain Mapping in 2005. You can read […]

Acupuncture and Women’s Health

Menstrual Cycle Wheel

Menstrual Irregularities from Western/Eastern Perspectives From a western point of view, menstrual irregularities originate as functional disturbances of the hypothalamus-pituitary axis (HPA) or the ovaries, tubes, uterus, or cervix. Eastern medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbs) collects its data a different way to arrive at the same end, and devises a treatment plan that will alleviate […]

Taoist Meditation: Breathing Method, Part I

the lungs that allow you to breath

  The air we breath contributes to our general well-being, but we don’t often think about that in the context of nutrition. Yes, nutrition! Air is a form of nutrient in both biomedicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The exchange of gases occurs in the lungs, where oxygen (O2) is inhaled and carbon dioxide (CO2) […]

Keep Moving!


The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC, in NYC) recommends 30-60 minutes daily exercise for healthy people . That’s 30-60 minutes, seven days a week of formal exercise, not including the time you may spend traveling, changing in and out of clothes, and cleaning up. And movement for our daily errands, though better than nothing, doesn’t count. […]