Dr. Tan’s Balance Method


Dr. Richard Tan is a luminary in the acupuncture world as well as a self-described renegade. He recently came to Denver to teach his balance method, a special application of points that are best known to relieve pain. Dr. Tan’s method has ancient origins and can seem somewhat mysterious to our western minds. What is most intriguing is that common aches and […]

Improve Your Running With Bagua

Bagua for Runnners

One morning, in my (Tom) qi gong and ba gua class, when we were walking in a circle, the teacher mixed it up a little by getting us to jog, calling out directions of body alignment as we ran. It dawned on me then that ba gua is great for runners, and I treat a lot of runners […]

The Ancient Chinese Herb Formula Si Wu Tang


Chinese herbs are a concentrated, potent form of food substances. The body readily accepts herbs because they are made up of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and trace minerals- the same molecules and compounds as our food. An herbal formula can be the pivotal treatment you need to get better, sometimes more important than the acupuncture. Some examples of this […]

Herbs for Kids

pediatric herbs

For kids with asthma or  get frequent colds, sore throats, and seasonal allergies,  Chinese herbs can provide an immune system boost. The Chinese herbs in this formula are made up of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and minerals, the same as the food you eat, only in concentrated form. Yu Ping Feng San is a formula that […]

Ancient Wisdom


Hexagram # 43: Kuai/Break-through (Resoluteness) We came to study acupuncture through our passion for the Chinese internal arts of qi gong, ba gua, and tai ji. This passage in the I Ching speaks volumes and reflects the spirit within the internal martial arts: “…In a resolute struggle of the good against evil, there are, however, […]