Plantar Fasciitis and General Heel Pain


Plantar fasciitis is a common condition and general heel pain is its hallmark symptom. Have you ever experienced heel pain when you put pressure on it? The main causes of plantar fasciitis are improper footwear and tight calf muscles. People with flat feet or high arches tend to be prone to this problem as well. Western […]

Herbal Soaks for Hands and Feet

an herbal soak will soften tendons and improve circulation

An herbal soak speeds healing for joint problems in the hands and feet, by softening the tendons and ligaments and reducing inflammation. Conditions such as plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, a sprained ankle, or an injured hand/wrist or foot/ankle all benefit with faster recovery time because it allows you to get moving sooner. All it takes is a large […]

Speed Injury Recovery Time

Tom gets acupuncture for his bike accident

Speed injury recovery time with eastern medicine. Physical injury has been a problem through human history and the Chinese came up with many ways to deal with it. Acupuncture was accepted by the NIH in 1997 mainly for pain management, and under that umbrella we have a number of manual techniques that speed injury recovery time. We also have […]

The Spirit of the Lungs: The Po

The Po

Long before acupuncture was a profession in the US, the Chinese world-view arose through observation of nature, over millennia. The Po is one of the five spirits that correspond with organ systems, in this case, the lungs. The paradigm for Chinese medicine differs from western medicine in that it views the whole and sees its parts. […]

The Quest for Longevity

walk spritely like the pigeon!

Healthy Aging and Improved Longevity Leaving behind the bright years of youth and entering a quieter, more mature phase in life often prompts the question: How can I preserve my youth and extend my life? For answers to this question we might consult the teachings of Li Qing Yun. According to the 1933 obituary for […]