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I started seeing Carol for acupuncture right after I had my second miscarriage. I wanted to restore my body to a healthy place so that I could hopefully have another healthy baby. She’s never forceful, but has a lot of great information and advice to offer if you’re open to it, which I was at the time. She helped me with my nutrition and I started charting after my first appointment with her. Lo and behold, in a few short weeks, I was pregnant again-this time with a healthy pregnancy. She helped to keep me healthy throughout my pregnancy with acupuncture, and when baby boy needed some coaxing to come out. She’s even helped with numerous resources for both of my children. I could not thank her enough for everything she’s done. She’s become a great support and trusted friend.

– LR, Finance

“Thomas Messina has helped me tremendously in both my physical and emotional recovery.  He has helped my overused and tight muscles stay healthy while training intensively for 3 marathons and  I’m always more energized than afterwards. His skilled acupuncture has cured me of chest colds and bronchitis almost every winter and helped release various toxins in the body that were dragging me down.  Thomas has a great energy, is an amazing therapist and actually cares for the people he works on… not only that, his services are affordable. Once your get a treatment from him, you’ll be hooked.”

– Aubree, PR

“I  initially went to see Carol about a long-term stomach problem. While the stomach problem did clear up (after 10+ years!) and is now mostly in check, I had no idea of the other positive benefits that would come from my treatment. I feel calmer, more balanced and more energetic afterwards, and the affects last for days. Carol is thoughtful and peaceful, and often comes in with different alternative ideas for my treatment, or facts about different foods and how they might affect me. I look forward to my sessions and am disappointed when I have to miss a week. If you are new to acupuncture or looking for a new practitioner, I can’t recommend Carol highly enough!”

– Jennifer, events

“My treatments with Carol have consistently given me transformative results. I sought treatment for persistent seasonal allergies, and the sessions always helped with my breathing, sinus pain, and headaches. I started to notice that acupuncture eased my stress levels, balanced my nervous system and aided with occasional depression. Carol knows what she’s doing. Once I’m in her office, she immediately transmits a sense of relaxation, warmth and utmost attention to how I am and what I need. I have recommended Carol to several of my friends seeking a holistic, intelligent and healing acupuncture experience.”

– Hannah, not-for-profit

The results I have experienced with Carol in the past four years have been nothing short of life-changing and I hope my testimonial will encourage others to explore the benefits of acupuncture for themselves. 

My headaches began at age 15 and worsened in college. No doctor could find the cause though I was tested extensively and put on every kind of medication. After two sessions I stopped taking my daily pills and have never taken them again.

Headaches weren’t the only thing to succumb to Carol’s needles: hand cramps, stomachaches, insomnia, congestion, and any minor complaint I might have were gone after an acupuncture session. 

Carol has been not only a top-notch professional, but a compassionate and trusted friend. After being cared for by her, you will walk out with more than your health.

– Danielle, graphic designer

“Simply put – Carol converted a skeptic into a true believer in the power of acupuncture while at the same time helping me to feel better than I’ve felt in a long time. Carol’s a great listener and maybe even more importantly, she asks really good questions and thinks outside the box.”

– Kelly, financial analyst

“Carol performed some healing techniques to help me with an irregular menstrual cycle, low hemoglobin, and carpal tunnel. After several visits and regular herbal treatments, I noticed much more equilibrium within my body. My cycles weren’t as lengthy, hands and feet weren’t as cold, and wrists weren’t as strained from typing. Carol also monitored my diet and provided nutritional advice, hearty recipes, and remedies for sinus pressure. And she’s really good at following up.”

– Tasha, editor

“I have known Tom Messina for 8 years and during that time Tom has performed massage therapy on me weekly to my intense satisfaction and physical well-being.  Tom is reliable, courteous and our 8-year relationship has been pleasurable and gratifying.  I highly recommend him. ”

– Monty, retired businessman

“Carol was thorough in considering my condition. She took extra care to consider all the factors that could be affecting me, and explained why she made the recommendations and treatment that she did. Carol was always thoughtful, prompt, and professional in following up. It was this attention to detail and her level of care in general that truly helped me to the resolution of my condition.”

– Aurelle, student

“I have been very fortunate to be treated by Carol Braverman, and to discover that acupuncture is an effective treatment for arthritis. Acupuncture has also been used to regulate my digestive functions, and it is a great alternative to surgery and drugs.”

– Kathy, interior designer

 “I was suffering from sciatic pain down my right leg. After a few sessions with Carol, I realized that I had not taken any ibuprofens for almost a month, my smoking habit had seriously decreased, and I felt good! Carol is kind, gentle and warm, and she cares for her clients.”

– Mark, actor

“I came to Carol with the hopes of getting pregnant after having to terminate due to genetic factors. Within 6 to 7 months, after regular treatments and a few months of taking Chinese herbs, I became pregnant! I continued with acupuncture treatments throughout the pregnancy and I believe it also helped me to have a natural labor!”

– Rachel, sales

“Tom is an amazing acupuncturist who has help me tremendously with some permanent nerve damage in my back.  After trying a number of acupuncturists over the years the one thing that stands out is that he really listens to your needs and concerns and will do whats best to help you relax and relieve pain.  Along with being an acupuncturist, Tom is also a top notch massage therapist.  We have always started a session with a deep tissue massage to help get the blood flowing followed by a peaceful acupuncture treatment. I would highly recommend Tom for anyone interested in acupuncture.”

– Christian, photographer

“In 2009, I was diagnosed with Stage II ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) breast cancer. Midway through my radiation sessions, my feet started to bother me. Several toes were getting numb and I was experiencing weird tingling sensations. The balls of my feet were sore and the entire foot would burn. Walking was becoming more and more difficult. A friend of mine told me to try acupuncture and I found Carol Braverman online.  After several treatments, I could feel a difference in my feet. Circulation was better and I was experiencing less numbness and tingling. I had approximately 10 treatments in total and can now walk as long as I want and only experience occasional minor discomfort. I would recommend acupuncture 100% and credit Carol and her treatments for my success.”

– Mary, HR

“Tom has been working with me for about 10 years. His masterful skills as a licensed massage therapist and licensed acupuncturist have been invaluable to my practice. His ability to pinpoint the exact location of the patient’s pain has been a major asset in diagnosing some of my more difficult cases.  I would highly recommend Tom as a practitioner not only for musculoskeletal injuries, but also for internal medical conditions. His knowledge of Chinese herbs, points, and theory gives him the skills to treat problems ranging from anxiety to gastrointestinal problems.”

– Dan Hamner, MD

“I had suffered from sinus issues in my nose and ears, that spread to tension in my jaw for over three years…By the end of my first appointment with Carol I felt a considerable improvement in my breathing! I continued to improve with each following appointment…I also felt a significant reduction in everyday anxiety that I had developed overtime without realizing it. I highly recommend Carol Braverman for any kind of acupuncture treatment. She is passionate about her work and has a wonderful character. She genuinely cares about the progress of her patients and provides effective treatment. You can’t ask for anything more than that!”

– Meghan, scientist

“Tom Messina is an amazing practitioner.  He is professional in his approach and his work has been key to my success as a marathon runner over the past four years.  There is no way that I could have achieved my goals without seeing Tom on a regular basis.  He knows my hips, back, hamstrings, knees, and calves much better than I ever will!!!  More importantly, he can understand the causes of the pain that I am in and he knows how to effectively treat my injuries.  When I’m running marathons, I often think of Tom and the medical team with whom he works.  I think of them carrying me on their shoulders when the going gets real tough. THANKS TOM”.

– Don, CPA

“Carol addressed my issues with insomnia, weight and food. Almost immediately, I felt stronger and attached to my body. Every time I saw Carol, she offered wisdom and insight that stayed with me as I breathed through the session and the rest of the day. Carol’s depth of knowledge, understanding, and clarity about acupuncture allow her to help patients heal themselves in lifelong ways.”

– Allyson, photo director

“Tom Messina is an extraordinary professional and individual who is extremely dedicated to his patients and acupuncture practice. I went to see him specifically for job-related stress relief and assistance with hormone regulation following many years of taking birth control medication. We worked together in those first difficult months and with each session with Tom, I felt healthier and more energetic – the results were simply much faster than I anticipated. Tom is not only caring and attentive, but extremely thorough in treating his patients in a holistic manner. I moved abroad and am very sorry our sessions have ended; I remain convinced I will not find another acupuncturist of his caliber”

– Sophia, insurance broker

“When I came to see Carol I was struggling with the emotional side effects of different medications for quitting smoking. After 10 sessions, my irritability has been reduced, insomnia and night sweats have decreased, and I feel more energized in my life. Carol is amazing at what she does. I cannot imagine seeing anyone else for acupuncture. She is incredibly thorough, perceptive, and never rushes through a session — I benefit from every minute spent with her.”

– Lauren, sales

“I met Tom for a knee injury that began while preparing for my first marathon. I have to say that Tom is an excellent professional: he quickly understood what was my problem and through acupuncture and massage therapy he could get me back to train soon enough. Since then I rely in his expertise for all the rest of my training that I couldn’t have done without his help. My muscle were tight and overuse because of the training but he perfectly knew how to treat them and allow the rest of the training keep going until the race day. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is seeking for a good professional with a strong commitment and knowledge in what he is doing.” 

– Marta, economist

“Carol has been a major force for healing and wellness in my life. I first saw her many years ago for unwanted numbness and tingling in my hands and arms due to compressed vertebrae in the neck. After regular treatment including acupuncture and exercise, I have lived for years without any further symptoms. Since then, Carol has also provided me with excellent treatment for osteo-arthritis in my knees, including follow-up treatments after surgery that contributed to a rapid recovery. She is thorough, thoughtful and a highly professional practitioner.”

– June, engineering

Unbelievable experience with Carol. My first appointment she spent 75 minutes talking to me and getting to know my health history, concerns, and needs for my body. Her knowledge about acupuncture and passion for health is brilliant!! It’s a breath of fresh air to find a healthcare professional so dedicated to clients.

-AY, Sales

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